The District Police Department is a full-service, fully certified, police agency within the State of California staffed by sworn peace officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. The District Police Department is not a branch of any other law enforcement agency.

The Police Officers are vested with law enforcement powers pursuant to California Penal Code Section 830.32(a) and California Education Code Section 72330, have police authority throughout the state, and primary law enforcement jurisdiction for all crimes occurring on District properties. Police officers have full powers of arrest, enforce local, state and federal laws both on and off campus, and as full peace officers, their police authority includes concurrent law enforcement jurisdiction on adjacent streets and in the communities surrounding District properties. The District Police Department also complies with the Kristin Smart Campus Safety Act by maintaining formal operational agreements with law enforcement agencies sharing concurrent law enforcement jurisdiction to ensure prompt law enforcement response and collaboration in incidents requiring inter-agency cooperation. Police Officers employed by the District meet all training requirements as mandated by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and actually are mandated to have more training than county or municipal law enforcement officers. Each Police Officer has graduated from a regional police academy, completed a rigorous field training program, and must complete a probationary period. Additionally, each police officer is updated in training throughout the year to include firearms, defensive tactics, first aid/CPR, and legal updates.

Officers also receive many hours of specialized training to include crime prevention, sexual assault investigation, emergency preparedness and response, evidence collection, domestic violence response, and more and attend countywide and statewide police planning and training meetings and conferences.  All officers also receive specific training designed to meet the diverse needs of the educational community. Law enforcement duties and responsibilities of police officers are identical to municipal police departments or sheriff departments in your home community.

The SRJC District Police Department is made up of the following categories of employees:

Police Officers – These are paid employees of the District who have been hired and trained to provide basic police services just like police officers hired for cities and the county. They patrol District properties, prevent crime, investigate crimes, apprehend violators, and submit criminal cases to the District Attorneys office for prosecution. They also investigate SRJC rules and regulation violations and refer violators to appropriate college administrators.

Support Staff – Paid employees of the District are hired and trained to provide support services to the college community through the Police Department.

  • Dispatchers are highly trained operators, most times with years of experience at different city and county Law Enforcement agencies. Their duties include filtering incoming calls, send appropriate law, fire or ambulance units, process all law enforcement related records and manage foot traffic inside the police station lobby.
  • Community Service Officers serve as parking enforcement officers. They perform a variety of tasks such as battery jumps, LiveScan and are site security officers at various locations.
  • Clerical employees assist with department paperwork.

Student Cadets – These are students recruited from SRJC’s Administration of Justice Program who are trained to work for the Police Department in a support role by patrolling the College, acting as a visible uniformed presence to deter crime, and to observe and report to regular department employees any criminal or District rules and regulation violations.

Contact Information

To contact District Police 24/7/365, please call 707-527-1000 for emergencies and non emergencies. 

The District Police Department of the Santa Rosa Junior College is located in the Pedroncelli Center, on the north corner of Elliott Avenue and Armory Drive.

Both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campus offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here for a map.