Sex Offender Registration & Megan's Law

Public Information about Registered Sex Offenders on Campus

Information about certain designated persons required to register in California as sex offenders is available to students, staff, faculty, and the public by viewing the California Department of Justice’s Internet web site at Megan's Law.

There are additional sex offenders in California that are not included on this site, but are known to law enforcement. Detailed personal profile information on individual registrants may be obtained by using a sex offender’s specific name, Zip Code, or City/County listings. Additionally, the map application may be used to search individual neighborhoods throughout California to determine the specific location of any of those registrants on whom the law allows the Department of Justice to display a home address. The Internet web site does not list sex offender information specifically by a college or university name or zip code where a sex offender may work, attend, reside, or volunteer.

The Sonoma County Junior College District may have persons enrolled, employed, residing, carrying on a vocation, transient and located upon District properties, or volunteering on District facilities who have been convicted of certain sex crimes that require them to register their status as a sex offender in the State of California with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over where they reside and additionally with the Sonoma County Junior College District Police Department. In limited circumstances, and in compliance with Federal and State law, Sonoma County Law Enforcement Protocols, and District policies, the District Police may disclose the identity of a sex offender to the District community and/or to specified individuals within the District.

For further crime prevention and public information about registered sex offenders on campus, within Sonoma County, or laws regarding sex offender registration, please call the Investigations Unit at our Police Department at (707) 521-7839.