General Parking Information


NEW! SRJC employees can request guest and event Courtesy Parking permits here

All parking permits must be purchased at the Accounting office in Bailey Hall. District Police will continue to sell STUDENT permits after hours.

Parking permit refunds must be handled through the Accounting Office in Bailey Hall

Paid Parking

Fees are required seven days a week 24 hours a day. Under 72247 of the California Education Code, all parking on a community college campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. All faculty, staff, and students who park vehicles on college property shall pay parking fees. This applies to all instructional classes, activities, business callers, or visitors unless furnished with a courtesy parking permit or a CURRENT daily permit purchased from one of the permit machines. This requirement includes students, staff, and faculty with a disabled person placard or plates.

Permit Information

District students who intend to park a vehicle on District properties must obtain a valid SRJC parking permit. Student parking permits are available during registration at Plover Hall on the Santa Rosa Campus, at the Accounting Office in Bailey Hall or the Police Department (after hours only, as long as the permit was not ordered online). Permits are available for purchase at the Accounting Office at the Petaluma Campus, and the Administration Office at the Public Safety Training Center. If you pay for parking through mail, online, or telephone registration, save your receipt; your permit will be mailed after all fees have been paid. Note: ALL fees MUST be paid in full before the permit is mailed. The permit will not be mailed just because it's been ordered. ALL fees must be paid in full! If you would like to purchase the permit in person, separate from your registration fees, please purchase your permit at the Accounting office in Bailey Hall or at Admissions and Records in Plover Hall.

Parking permits are designed to be hung from the rear-view mirror and must be displayed in vehicles by the first day of each semester. Motorcycle permits are to be affixed to the right front fork. There is no grace period.

Permits that are lost, stolen or damaged can be replaced at full price.

Remember, not all students are on campus at the same time and parking spaces turn over approximately three to four times a day and night with people coming and going. The purchase of a parking permit "Entitles parking when space is available."

Short Term/Visitor Parking

Daily permits, valid for the calendar day they were purchased, may be obtained for $4.00 from permit machines located in all lots. Metered spaces are valid only when time is showing. The fee for parking in a metered space is $1 per hour with a 1-hour maximum. Parking permits are not valid in metered spaces. If permit machines or parking meters are not working, report machine number and location to District Police at 527-1000.

Permit Prices.

  • FACULTY FULL TIME (greater than 60%) = $120.00 a year
  • ADJUNCT FACULTY (60% or less) = $60.00 a year
  • CLASSIFIED STAFF / 20 hours or more a week =$120.00 a year
  • PART-TIME CLASSIFIED STAFF ( less than 20 hours a week ) = $60.00 a year
ECO-Pass Carpool Parking Permit Information
  • A limited number of ECO-Pass permits are available for $30 at Bailey Hall accounting office
  • 20 designated ECO-Pass parking spaces: 10 in Bech and 10 in Emeritus lots
  • ECO-Pass parking spaces are conveniently located close to classrooms
  • ECO-Pass parking spaces are first come, first served
  • 2 student ECO-Pass holders must ride together
  • 2 ECO-Pass permits must be displayed on the vehicle dash from 7am – 3pm
  • Cannot be combined with regular student parking permits
  • Spring parking permits may be returned through 2/8
Staff Lot Control Gates

Some staff reserved parking lots are controlled by access control gates. These gates are installed in order to control access by unauthorized persons. If you are a staff member assigned to one of these lots with a control gate, you will be issued a gate access card. This will control the gate to the lot that you are assigned to. There is a service fee (non-refundable) for gate cards which are lost or stolen. Staff may park in an alternate staff lot after 3 PM.

Permit Machines

Daily permits from the parking machines are available to anyone to park in student parking and are valid for the calendar day they were purchased.

Bicycle Parking

No permit required. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks located in various locations on campus. Any bicycle parked in a hazardous manner or chained to a ramp, pole, tree, etc., may be impounded by the District Police. Bicycles are NOT allowed anywhere inside buildings by order of the Fire Department.

Bicycles must be WALKED on pedestrian pathways for the safety of rider and pedestrians. Bicycle riding is allowed only on roadways and parking lots.

Parking Regulations

It is your responsibility to know and obey SRJC parking and traffic regulations. Parking regulations are strictly enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Permits are required at all times. This includes handicapped areas.

Students shall park their vehicles only in a parking space designated by two WHITE LINES. Possession of disabled person plates or a disabled person placard does not allow students, staff or faculty exemption from the payment of fees in a fee paid parking lot.

SANTA ROSA: After 3 PM, students with current permits on their vehicles may park between two YELLOW lines, with the EXCEPTION of the reserved area surrounding Bailey Hall and loading zones.

Parking meter spaces are available on campus for visitors. Student parking permits and/or the courtesy parking permit are not valid in metered spaces.

WHITE LINES = Student Parking
YELLOW LINES = Reserved for Staff or loading zones when marked
BLUE LINES = Handicapped only
RED LINES = No Parking Area / Tow-Away Zone
PARKING METERS = Visitor Parking
AREAS WITH NO MARKINGS = No Parking at Any Time

PETALUMA AND WINDSOR CAMPUSES: At no time shall students park in staff spaces. Staff spaces are designated by two YELLOW lines. Any vehicle not properly parked is subject to a citation and possible tow-away.


Citations will be issued for all vehicles parked in violation of Santa Rosa Junior College's Traffic and Parking Code Rules and Regulations. Citations are processed by contract with a private processing company. Persons wishing to contest a citation must do so on-line by going to FAILURE TO PAY PENALTIES WILL RESULT IN INCREASED FINES AND / OR DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES HOLD PLACED ON YOUR VEHICLE


Note: By state of California law, the registered owner of a vehicle is liable for all citations issued to that vehicle.

Abandoned Vehicles or Overnight Parking

Disabled and/or abandoned vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense after 72 hours unless prior arrangements have been made with the District Police. The College is closed to vehicle parking from 11 PM until 5 AM without prior permission from District Police. Recreational vehicles are not allowed to park overnight, nor are persons allowed to sleep in their vehicles overnight on college sites.


Vehicles with five or more unpaid citations may be immobilized or towed away at the owner's expense. Vehicles may also be towed away if they are illegally parked in a "reserved" or access parking space or in a loading zone for more than 30 minutes; if they are a hazard to the flow of traffic on paths, walkways, parking lots or driveways, or if they impede the work of any maintenance vehicle; or otherwise out of zone.

Motorcycle Parking

All vehicles parked on college campuses must have a valid permit, including motorcycles and mopeds. Motorcycles and mopeds may park in designated areas only. Neither are allowed to be parked in a regular vehicle space. There are designated areas for moped or motorcycle parking on all sites. No motor-driven cycle or moped may be parked on pathways or in buildings.

Parking Alternatives

The Santa Rosa Campus has a serious parking problem during peak times when there are minimal parking spaces available. Make arrangements before the start of each semester to take advantage of alternate transportation.

Ride your Bicycle

SRJC has installed new bicycle racks on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses. Parking bicycles is free and a great alternative. Students who ride bicycles must obey District rules, including walking bicycles on pedestrian paths. Students should use heavy duty bike locks to reduce the potential of having their bikes stolen.

Parking Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Neighborhood Parking

The cities of Santa Rosa and Petaluma have a residential parking program in effect in the neighborhoods surrounding the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses. This means on street parking is limited without a city-issued permit available only to residents who live in the area. Students who park inviolation are subject to a parking citation from the cities of Santa Rosa and Petaluma. SRJC parking permits are not valid in neighborhoods.

Commercial Areas

Local businesses surrounding the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses prohibit student parking. Some hire security guards to patrol their parking lots and will tow students vehicles at the student's expense. The cost of reclaiming a towed vehicle can be $100 or more.

SRJC (Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor) Parking Lots

Parking permits are required seven days a week 24 hours a day on all District properties. Students may purchase a semester parking permit at Accounting in Bailey Hall at $60 a semester. Semester permits are available through SRJC's online and telephone registration system. Once all fees are paid, the permit will be mailed. Semester permits may also be purchased directly at the Admissions and Records Department as long as the permit was not ordered online. Daily parking permits are available in each parking lot for $4.00 a day. Citations for no current permit cost $45 dollars each. Parking in a disabled parking space without a DMV issued disabled placard is subject to a $275 fine.