Procedures for Contesting Parking Citations


To contest a citation, the first request must be made within 21 calendar days of receiving the citation OR within 14 calendar days of receiving the delinquent notice (see below for more details). Please note that the request must be made for an INITIAL REVIEW before a request for an ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING. The request for the ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING must be made within 21 days of the results from the INITIAL REVIEW. No money is required to request an INITIAL REVIEW, but the fees due from the Citation must be paid before an ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING date is provided. Fees are paid to the processing center written on the back of the citation (see address below) and not to the SRJC Police Department.


  1. Go to Click on the “Contest Citation” button located at the top center of the page.
  2. Click the “CONTEST A CITATION” box located at the upper center of the page. You will need your citation number or license plate number.
    NOTE: If the option to contest a citation is not present, then you must pay the fine amount - Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 40215.
  3. After completing the online form click the “Contest Citation” button to submit your application. This bottom is located at the bottom of the contest form.
  4. You will receive an email confirming your request has been sent. Please note, you must have a valid email address to contest a citation. Be sure to check your spam filters for emails from the Police Department or Citation Service Center.


For more information on payment plans please call 1-866-353-5867 or visit



To contest the Citation at the first level (Initial Review):

For a period of 21 calendar days from the issuance of a notice of parking violation or 14 calendar days from the mailing of a notice of delinquent parking violation, a person may request an initial review of the notice by the issuing agency. 

The request is to be made online at the website 

(see further detailed instructions below for navigating the website). 

There shall be no charge for this initial review. If, following the initial review, the issuing agency is satisfied that the violation did not occur, and that the registered owner was not responsible for the violation, or that extenuating circumstances make dismissal of the citation appropriate in the interest of justice, the issuing agency shall cancel the notice of parking violation or notice of delinquent parking violation. The issuing agency shall advise the processing agency, if any, of the cancellation. The issuing agency or theprocessing agency shall mail the results of the initial review to the person contesting the notice.

Citation dismissals that are deemed not an agency error will have a $5.00 processing fee attached. Citations will only be dismissed once the processing fee is paid in full. Fees can be paid by check or credit card. Checks are to be mailed to the citation processing center at the following address (also noted on the citation envelope):

Parking Citation Service Center
PO Box 11923
Santa Ana, Ca 92711

Note: citations take 24-48 hours from the time issued to be entered into the computer system. Once the citation contest is completed and sent the attached fine is suspended until the contest has been reviewed by the designated representative of the issuing department. The current status of your citation can be checked by logging on to and entering in your citation number.

To contest the Citation at the second level (Administrative Hearing):

If the person is dissatisfied with the results of the initial review, the person may request an administrative hearing of the violation no later than 21 calendar days following the mailing of the results of the issuing agency's initial review. The request may be made by telephone, or in person. The person requesting an administrative hearing shall deposit the amount of the parking penalty with the processing agency. The issuing agency shall provide a written procedure to allow a person to request an administrative hearing without payment of the parking penalty upon satisfactory proof of an inability to pay the amount due. Notice of this procedure shall be provided to all persons requesting an administrative hearing. After January 1, 1996, an administrative hearing shall be held within 90 calendar days following the receipt of a request for an administrative hearing, excluding time tolled pursuant to this article. The person requesting the hearing may request one continuance, not to exceed 21 calendar days.

The administrative hearing process shall include the following:

  1. The person requesting a hearing shall have the choice of a hearing by telephone or in person. An in-person hearing shall be conducted within the jurisdiction of the issuing agency. If an issuing agency contracts with an administrative provider, hearings shall be held within the jurisdiction of the issuing agency or no more than 21 miles outside the county.
  2. If the person requesting a hearing is a minor, that person shall be permitted to appear at a hearing or admit responsibility for the parking violation without the necessity of the appointment of a guardian. The processing agency may proceed against the minor in the same manner as against an adult.
  3. The administrative hearing shall be conducted in accordance with written procedures established by the issuing agency and approved by the governing body or chief executive officer of the issuing agency. The hearing shall provide an independent, objective, fair, and impartial review of contested parking violations.

To contest the Citation at the third and final level (Contest requested by the Court):

California Vehicle Code Section 40230(a): Within 30 calendar days after the mailing or personal delivery of the final decision described in subdivision (b) of Section 40215, the contestant may seek review by filing an appeal to be heard by the municipal court, or by the superior court in a county in which there is no municipal court, where the same shall be heard de novo, except that the contents of the processing agency's file in the case shall be received in evidence. A copy of the notice of parking violation or, if the citation was issued electronically, a true and correct abstract containing the information set forth in the notice of parking violation shall be admitted into evidence as prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein. A copy of the notice of appeal shall be served in person or by first-class mail upon the processing agency by the contestant. For purposes of computing the 30-calendar-day period, Section 1013 of the Code of Civil Procedure shall be applicable. A proceeding under this subdivision is a limited civil case.

(b) The fee for filing the notice of appeal is twenty-five dollars ($25). The court shall request that the processing agency's file on the case be forwarded to the court, to be received within 15 calendar days of the request. The court shall notify the contestant of the appearance date by mail or personal delivery. The court shall retain the twenty-five dollar ($25) fee regardless of the outcome of the appeal. If the court finds in favor of the contestant, the amount of the fee shall be reimbursed to the contestant by the processing agency. Any deposit of parking penalty shall be refunded by the processing agency in accordance with the judgment of the court.

(c) The conduct of the appeal under this section is a subordinate judicial duty that may be performed by traffic trial commissioners and other subordinate judicial officials at the direction of the presiding judge of the court.

(d) If no notice of appeal of the processing agency's decision is filed within the period set forth in subdivision(a), the decision shall be deemed final.

(e) If the parking penalty has not been deposited and the decision is against the contestant, the processing agency shall, after the decision becomes final, proceed to collect the penalty pursuant to Section 40220.